Conduit of Balance

Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Life, Death
Portfolio: Life, Death, Order
Common Deities: Mystara, Abadar, Irori
Commonly Worshipped By: Druids, Clerics, Paladins, Monks, Rangers
Current Enemies: Conduit of Death
Current Allies: Conduit of Nature, Conduit of Justice

Argen and his followers maintain a demi-plane known as New Nirvana. They believe that the new “natural” order of life and death is an abomination and all who wish to avoid that fate should be able to do so. Every being who submits to the Rituals of Peace (even those who do not worship Argen) is allowed a place in New Nirvana upon his death.


Every century since the year 115 WE, the current Conduit of Balance has traditionally passed on into New Nirvana and a new conduit ascends. It has become a well known fact within the city of New Axis that the Conduit ritual has an approximately one percent chance of survival. Thus, to maximize the chances of obtaining a successor, 100 students are prepared to undertake the ritual.

Argen, like many within the city of New Axis, was trained from birth in the ways of magic. Due to the timing of his birth, he, along with many in his class, was prepared to undertake the rituals of becoming a conduit.

The ascension of Argen was, by New Axis standards, entirely routine. He was 45th in line to attempt the ritual and was the first of his generation to survive. Thus, the 6th Conduit of Balance begin his reign.


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