Conduit of Storms

Race: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Nature, Tempest
Portfolio: Weather, Storms, Seas
Common Deities: Roqorolos, Urxehl, Besmara, Dagon
Commonly Worshipped By: Druids, Wizards, Sorcerers, Clerics, Rangers
Current Enemies: None
Current Allies: None

A mystery, even among other conduits, Gewy, Lord of Storms is more often worshipped out of fear than respect. To take to the seas without first at least acknowledging Gewy will lead to lost cargo at best; though a lost ship is the more common result.


Though very little is known about Gewy (He’s never presented himself to mortals outside of a disembodied voice), he is the longest lived conduit aside from Lexand. He first presented himself in the year WE 239 when he declared his godhood to the small fishing town of Burnsley by projecting his voice through a fresh caught clam. Those in the marketplace shrugged off his demands for fealty as the tricks of a passing wizard. They were proven wrong the following evening when most of the town was obliterated by a storm which many reported to have screaming and infuriated face.


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