Conduit of Death

Race: Tiefling
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Death, Trickery, Evil
Portfolio: Death, Undeath
Common Deities: Asmodeus, Urgathoa, Pharasma
Commonly Worshipped By: Clerics, Warlocks, Rogues
Current Enemies: Conduit of Balance
Current Allies: Conduit of Lies, Conduit of War

Kailech resides in and rules over the city of Pheim. Few know his true appearance, though he presents himself as the personification of death, concealed under a dark tattered cloak and always keeping his trusty scythe at his side. Those who have met him can only describe a smooth calming voice and red-skinned hands with long gnarled fingers. He and his followers believe that the new cycle of death and undeath is the natural one and must be maintained at all costs. This outlook created tension with the conduit of balance and his followers as application of the Rituals of Piece has been forbidden in the city of Pheim and surrounding lands. Additionally, the psychopomps under Argen‘s charge see Kailech’s manner of dress as an intentional mockery.


Kailech was born to a human mother and father and, though they loved him the best they could, there was always a sense of mistrust in the air. His family owned a farm on the outskirts of Pheim and, as is common, kept a healthy population of mindless undead to work the fields. When Kailech showed both a talent for magic and controlling the undead at a young age, his father was more than happy to put him to work, if only to get him out of the house.

His parents died suddenly of plague when he was thirteen and he was left alone to work the farm. Though he didn’t seem to mind the solitude. One day when he reached out his mind to the undead, as he had done so naturally for so many years, he felt a resistance he was completely unfamiliar with. This is how he met the ghoul known as Thurber. The two of them spoke at length over the span of many months, Thurber describing the state of undead rights in Pheim.

The conduit ruling over Pheim at the time was a human named Thamath. Though he had, during his rule, created a safe haven for the fiends stranded on the material plane, he saw the undead as an abomination. He had only grudgingly allowed the use of mindless undead for labor and war and condemned the existence of intelligent undead, decreeing that they be killed on sight.

In the following years, Kailech worked with Thurber in secret to collect like-minded individuals as well as intelligent undead in hiding. In the year WE 357 he completed his transformation into a conduit and lead a successful coup, killing Thamath.


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