Conduit of Magic

Race: Gnome
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Knowledge
Portfolio: Magic, Knowledge
Common Deities: Nethys, Pharasma
Commonly Worshipped By: Wizards, Sorcerers, Bards, Warlocks
Current Enemies: None
Current Allies: None

The first conduit and the only conduit to survive the entirety of the new pantheon, Lexand is possibly the most powerful being on the material plane. Being the conduit of magic, he does not demand worship, or even fealty from those who use his power. It is unclear how Lexand managed to achieve the original feat of becoming a conduit (Popular opinion is Mystra herself granted him this knowledge with her dying breath), but he made no attempt to hide the methods to repeat it.


Knowledge of Lexand’s life before the events of the Grand Crusade is sparse. He was apparently a skilled and successful general in the army of the Children of Nethys, but it’s difficult to locate any details and be sure they aren’t simply propaganda and rumors spread by his many worshippers.

What is known is that Lexand emerged as a Conduit shortly after the death of the god Nethys and the subsequent onset of Wheel’s End. Though he refuses to speak of his involvement in either event. Nevertheless, he is feared and respected by both the common people and other conduits. It is widely believed that his death would bring about an as of yet unthinkable cataclysm.


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