Conduits are powerful beings created through incredibly complex and grueling arcane rituals. Not quite a science, these rituals are dangerous and will more often than not lead to the demise of the being in question. Those who survive are generally individuals with an exceptional knowledge of the arcane or an equally exceptional force of will (Or an exceptional amount of luck). Success results in the subject becoming completely in tune with the Weave and, therefore, able to directly interface with it.

This in turn grants a semblance of godhood. Conduits are able to achieve feats of magic beyond the ken of any mortal spell user and, though not omniscient, have an enhanced knowledge of the goings on in the material plane. Through an ingenuity that only former mortals could display, the conduits have erected invisible networks throughout the weave in order to extend the range and influence of their abilities.

Thus, with the material plane’s isolation from the outer sphere, conduits have become the main target of religion. Though magic remains open to any with the will to study it (Or the talent to harness it), those who seek to hone their powers through worship must turn to the conduits. However, in most cases potential followers need only pledge fealty to their respective conduit. In fact, worship of similar deities from the old pantheon with similar portfolios is not condemned and is sometimes encouraged to help guarantee loyalty.

Though incredibly powerful, conduits have only managed to achieve a pseudo-immortality. In fact, it’s never been easier to kill a god (Relatively speaking). This has lead to a pantheon in constant flux. Domains can change hands and conduits can rise and fall at the tip of a hat. The members of the new pantheon are constantly watching their backs for a would-be assassin empowered by a rival. Alliances by like-minded conduits have been born out of not only a desire for cooperation, but also a need to survive.

List of Major Conduits

LG – Conduit of Justice – Sige
NG – Conduit of Nature – Freawe
CG – Conduit of Life and Joy – Elleth

LN – Conduit of Balance – Argen
N – Conduit of Magic – Lexand
CN – Conduit of Lies – Eansic

LE – Conduit of War – Willex
NE – Conduit of Death – Kailech
CE – Conduit of Storms – Gewy


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