Welcome to the world of Wheel’s End! Here, gods walk among men and men among gods! This page is meant as a bare-bones primer for players creating characters in the world of deities fall.

While major liberties are taken with the way the planes and the pantheon work, this campaign is designed to interfere with the standard gameplay of pathfinder as little as possible.

Things to consider when creating a character:

  • Divine spell casters depend on the power of a conduit rather than a deity. All Spells and features should function identically to any other campaign. Most conduits will support the worship of any member of the original pantheon (Should you so choose) that meshes well with their domain/portfolio. Check the Conduit’s page for common gods. Domain selection is not as strict as it was before Wheel’s End, as long as a domain does not directly conflict with a conduit’s ideals, then they are generally accepted.
  • Any class which interacts with Demons, Devils, or Daemons on a regular basis should check the Status of Fiends page and get a feel for the current state of affairs.
  • All of the outer planes (save the transitive Astral plane) have been cut off. Consider this when planning any extra-dimensional jaunts.
  • All Races and Archetypes which make use of Non-magical reincarnation have all but died out.
  • Guns are common in Wheel’s End. Though have not moved much past simple pistols and muskets.


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